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current & upcoming

Below is a list of current projects I am blessed enough to be involved in which I have been graciously granted permission to share online. This is not necessarily a complete list, as some projects I am not authorized to divulge pre-release information on. Please check back, as this changes frequently because I love to stay as busy as possible.

other living things
A Pale Horse

By Adrian Pangilinan.
Other Living Things - A short film following a member of the ARVN as he follows rather questionable Rules of Engagements and a sneak peek into upcoming film A Pale Horse.


WATCH the short film here.

Support the A Pale Horse film project here.


Remake of classic Frankenstein with Josh Rutgers as Dr. Victor Frankenstein by Ashton Dykhne.

Support the project here.

somewhere in florida

Writers/Directors: Dean Donnini & Kyle O’Brien from Motion Minds. Currently in production. 

awoken to hell

A woman wakes up in a horrific asylum and quickly discovers that the patients are the true victims. A Feature Film by Thrill Shooter Films, Writer/Director Tez Dixon.


An apocalyptic dramedy pilot. Synopsis: Months after the start of the apocalypse, groups begin to form seeking safety via number, power, and normality. With a focus on younger characters, the pilot explores development, trauma, and relationships. Another production by Salty Quill Studios (White Girl Apokalypse 2021, Karma 2022) filming completed July 2022.

2004 - dream tripp

A short film about four alternative teens in the early 2000s on their way to Warped Tour, a rock music festival, who end up tripping on a new drug and witnessing a murder at their motel. By Director/Producer Sabrina Harriet Stern for Univeristy of Tampa.  Filming completed March 2022

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