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josh rutgers


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Josh Rutgers is a husband, father and grandfather (not to mention all the dogs) with a passion for acting. Having performed in film, television, commercials and theater, Josh has truly been blessed to have established and maintained relationships with those in the industry who believe in him and continually strive to elevate him to the next level. Josh possesses a very unique ability to project authenticity in his delivery with a seemingly natural and effortless manner. 





Jacksonville, Florida

Tel: (904) 982-0099

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I embrace the parallels between the path of an actor and a fighter. Both require passion, perseverance, discipline, grit, training, coachability…. the list goes on and on.

Since 1996, the principles of combat sports have guided and balanced my life. I was a professional fighter for 10 years (1999-2009) in both boxing and MMA and have been a coach and gym owner since 2003. I’ve also been (and still am) the third man in the ring as a professional referee since 2006.

I have always adhered to the belief that as actors, we rise to the level of expectation. It is with this mantra that I continually seek to own the moment and raise the bar in both my acting and training.

If you’re still reading, I’m sincerely grateful. If entertaining the possibility of us working together, please don’t limit that choice to a website or resume, because talk is cheap. Reach out. Actions speak louder than words and I’d rather be able to show you than tell you. -Josh

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